The Cost of Change

You may already be aware of this, but praying for growth and change in our lives may be a fairly painful action. It’s simple, God answers prayers. This is a lesson He’s tried to teach me time and time again. The thing about prayer is that God does not think in the same way thatContinue reading “The Cost of Change”

Small Actions Can Have Huge Impacts

My wife and I got married at the age of 18. For some people, the thought of making that kind of commitment at such a young age may seem foolish. Honestly, for some people, it definitely is. For us, I firmly believe it was a great choice. During that time we grew and matured togetherContinue reading “Small Actions Can Have Huge Impacts”

Just an Ordinary man Struggling with Ordinary Life

My name is Patrick Ewing. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, Husband, and Father. I firmly believe that in order to survive, we as human beings need a community. From the very beginning, mankind was not okay with being alone. Even Adam, walking in the garden with God, experienced being lonely. In our modern dayContinue reading “Just an Ordinary man Struggling with Ordinary Life”